Dolls From Around The World Quilt

Dolls From Around The World Quilt

Pat Hammitt’s mother-in-law hand embroidered and painted these beautiful squares with adorable dolls from around the world then stripped them together with pink fabric.  I added a border of Tonal Vineyard Yellow and used Tonal Scroll Wine to make the back and binding for Pat & Mike.  The squares are quilted in scroll and twine designs with leaves running thru the sashing.  I just love the colors she used in her embroidery!  🙂


  • My Grandmother is an avid quilter. She embroidered this same pattern in the 80’s for another one of her granddaughters’. She has talked endlessly about finding this pattern so she can have another go at it. Is there any way that you may be able to direct me to where I could find this pattern? It would mean so much to her. Thank you 🙂

    • I have tried to find this pattern but to no avail so far. I will continue trying to find it and if I do I will let you know. Hopefully we will be able to find it.



      • Have you had any luck? My mother is dying to get a pattern of this!

        • Hi Jessica, I have not had any luck in finding the pattern. I did find that they were made back in the 80’s and have not been made them since then. Sorry but that is the best I can do.

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