Month: July 2017

Quilting Season is Right Around the Corner!

Quilting Season is Right Around the Corner! Cotton Prints

It’s almost August which means it won’t be long before the kids go back to school…and the quilting season begins! Stop by Lady Bird Quilts this Saturday and get a jump on things by stocking up for the next quilt you’re going to tackle. If you haven’t decided what you want to make next come […]

Hummingbird Quilt

Hummingbird Quilt Hummingbird Quilt

Austin McClamma made this beautiful king size quilt for his grandmother, Danylu McClamma! It is truly a work of art. The quilt features multicolored applique hummingbirds along with trumpet vine flowers & leaves. The blue hummingbird incorporates fabric from his grandfather’s ties. They are surrounded by batiks, vivid flowers and more hummingbirds. He then bordered […]

New Fabric in The Shop!

New Fabric in The Shop! Patriotic Prints!

The truck has delivered up new fabric plus we restocked some perennial favorites! Lady Bird Quilts would like to be your hub and first stop when it comes to sewing and quilting. We have a wide selection of beautiful cotton fabric and quilt backing at very competitive prices. Shop the rest and I think you’ll […]