Hummingbird Quilt

Hummingbird Quilt

Carol Kilgore made this beautiful Hummingbird Quilt which features appliquéd hummingbirds and flowers.  She did a wonderful job stitching down the appliqués making it a pleasure to quilt!  The bright floral back compliments the top beautifully.  Naturally I quilted it in hummingbirds!  🙂


  • I am 81 years old and love hummingbirds so much. I did not have a one this year but last year I was so Blessed with having them. I missed them so much. I want me a hummingbird quilt, one that can be washed. I cannot see how to quilt anymore and would like to have some info about getting one. Can you help me, please? I want it to be special, which I’m sure all of your quilts are, but this one, I want it to be where I can truly enjoy seeing it on my bed. Thank you very much.
    Vivian Parramore

    • Hi Vivian, We would love to help you with a hummingbird quilt. We also received the message you sent us via the contact form that included your phone number. Lynda will give you a call to talk to you about it. That hummingbird quilt is beautiful!

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