Parasol Lady Quilt

Parasol Lady Quilt

Patty Ray asked me to make a quilt from these “Parasol Lady” blocks which she and her mother-in-law embroidered by hand.  I stripped it together with Quilter’s Blenders Purple from our shop and quilted it tracing around the dolls and filling in with a twine design.  It’s quilted in ecru thread on top and purple on the bottom.  The quilt is filled with our Hobbs Heirloom batting for a soft and natural feel.  I also embroidered the label and did the binding.  The beautiful handwork by Patty and her mother-in-law certainly makes for a beautiful gift for a lucky granddaughter!


  • I have this quilt, set in yellow that I need to determine a value. It was recently machine quilted like the one that you have posted. Parasol Lady Thank you so much for your time!

    • This is a queen so with the hand embroidery and custom quilting I would value Patty’s quilt around $1000-$1100. For a double or full size I would say $800-$900. If it’s machine embroidery or quilted in an edge to edge panto rather than quilting around each figure it would be a bit less. Happy to help! 🙂

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