Cross Quilt

Cross Quilt

Update 8/11/16  –  The Cross Quilt has been sold but you can order one like it!

My sister, Iris and I made this block pattern Cross Quilt from 3 1/2” squares.  It’s backed with backed with our Quilters Blenders Yellow Gold quilt backing and has Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting inside.  I love this batting (that’s why we sell it!).  I quilted it in a Sunburst.  This quilt would make a wonderful gift!  At 63” x 72” it is a large throw and is for sale in our shop for $300.


  • Hi.I am from England.Can you ship these to England.So beautiful.Would be interested if you can.

    • Yes, we can and do ship to the UK and Europe. Thank you for the wonderful compliment! This particular one sold today but you can certainly order one and we will be happy to make it especially for you. This one is 63″ x 72″ but we can also make larger ones. What size do you have in mind?

  • I would like to purchase this quilt for my wife for our 2nd anniversary. If I could have it personalized with our name under the cross that would be awesome. The names would be Tyler and Sarah. Additionally if there is anyway that the quilt could be more blue, gray, and gold color tones that would be ideal, however the display is more than good enough. The size of the quilt is fine. However I live in Tennessee, so how much would it be for the quilt, the personalization, and the shipping and the best way for payment. Thanks in advance!!!!

    • Thank you for your interest in our Cross Quilts. I am sending you a reply with answers to your questions via email.

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