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Mediterranean Hexagon Quilt by Susan Tatum!


Susan Tatum made this stunning Mediterranean Hexagon Quilt in bright floral prints with an overall red, pink and purple theme! The blocks are separated from the coordinating border by a purple frame that brings it all together. We used our premium Hobbs Heirloom batting inside and I quilted it in “Curly Swirly” using pink thread for her. It’s a treat to look at, Susan! 🙂

Floral Hexagon Quilt


Laverne McKenzie made this charming Hexagon styled quilt. Incorporating complimenting floral prints and colors, it’s a beautiful reminder that quilt blocks don’t have to be square! By separating the exquisite border from the hex blocks with white she added contrast that really makes it an eye-catching work of art. I quilted it for her in a flower & leaf motif. Great job Laverne! 🙂

Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt


This stunning quilt was hand sewn by Mrs. Una Basford.  This lovely mosaic quilt features hexagon flowers pieced from different complimentary fabrics.  The design of this quilt dates all the way back to around 1770.  It is finished with hexagon edging.  I quilted it for her granddaughter, Crystal Mercer in the Birds in a Bath pattern.  It is backed with our 108” Tonal Vineyard Yellow Quilt Backing.