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Gennell’s Quilt Bees Throw!


Gennell Neel made this adorable throw featuring the Quilt Bees for herself. The colors she chose complement the panels perfectly! The two frames in black and lime green add depth and separate the parts of the quilt. The throw is backed with Blue Marbled quilt backing from our shop and I quilted it in Busy Bees for her. I love it, Gennell!

Theresa’s Card Trick Quilt featuring Honey Bees!


Theresa Rischar made this cute Card Trick quilt featuring lots of busy bees doing the things bees do! It uses lots of gold, yellow and black with the card trick blocks framed with a honeycomb print then bordered with a cute black bee themed print that’s all about the bees! I quilted it for her in what else? Bees! It’s just precious, Theresa! 🙂