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Spectrum of Colors at Lady Bird Quilts & Fabric!


We have printed and solid cotton fabric in the whole spectrum of colors in stock at Lady Bird Quilts & Fabric.  We carry what others do not!  Our everyday prices are often as low or even lower than sale prices at the big chain fabric stores.  We also offer friendly personal service and are happy to help you figure out how to make the project you have in mind.

Don’t forget our “Flying Geese” class is scheduled for Tuesday January 26th from 2 until 4 PM central time.  The class fee is $25 which covers all materials for the class.  Bring your sewing machine and have fun!  You can register for the class in person at our shop, by giving us a call at 850-329-8276 or by messaging us.

We sell fabric by the yard as well as Fat Quarters, Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs.  Our cotton prints are $5.00 a yard (except for collegiate and specialty material), a wide range of bargain cotton solids are $4.00 a yard with premium cotton solids priced at $5.00 a yard.  Fat Quarters are $1.00 a piece, with bundles of 10 for $9.50. Jelly Rolls (40 count of color coordinated 2 1/2” x 44” strips in a roll) are $19.99 each.  Charm Packs of pre-cut squares are available in 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″, 5 1/2″ and 6 1/2″ sizes.  Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting (96” wide) is in stock for $8.28 a yard.  To complete your quilt we have top quality 108” wide cotton quilt backing material for just $10 a yard in numerous colors and prints.

Do you have a quilt top ready to be quilted?  Lady Bird Quilts provides skilled Longarm Quilting services in a wide range of styles and designs.  We can quilt your top and make it look spectacular!  We also offer binding services at a reasonable price.  Give us a call or better yet bring your quilt top to the shop on Saturday for an estimate.  If you have a fabric, sewing or quilting question we’re always happy to help.  We are open every Saturday from 9 AM until 4 PM central time at 7161 Highway 90 in Grand Ridge, Florida.  Just look for the Lady Bird Quilts sign.

Wolf Quilt


Robin Ham contacted me and asked me make a quilt for him and told me that he wanted it to have wolves on it.  So I made him a quilt with wolves on it!  The blue triangle print reminds me of mountains with a pristine lake in front, the green fabric has the lightning of a summer storm and the tan reminds me of the open areas of the American West.  All of the colors together also remind me of the heritage of Native Americans.  The fabric all came from our shop, it’s backed with our 108” Tonal Vineyard Natural Khaki and is filled with Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting.  I stipple quilted it.  Hope you are enjoying it Robin! 🙂

Ducks Quilt


Connie Melzer asked us to make this quilt as a gift for a special friend of theirs.  She provided the panel and picked out the colors.  Iris and I pieced the top and surrounded the ducks with split rail fence patchwork.  All of the fabric except the panel is fabric we carry at Lady Bird Quilts.  It is backed in Tilt A Whirl Brown and I quilted it in a loose stipple design.

Law Enforcement Quilt


This king sized memory quilt was made by Patti Spooner out of shirts and patches from her husband, Ed Spooner’s career in Law Enforcement.  It is backed with our Black Tilt A Whirl quilt backing and the batting is our Hobbs Heirloom 80/20.  I quilted it in the Twine design.  I understand it is a present for a very lucky daughter!



This is a Memory Quilt made by my sister Iris Melvin to capture memories of Earl Franklin.  His wife, Dorothy asked Iris to make a quilt out of several of Earl’s cowboy shirts as a present for Brian Hunt who was like a son to them.  Iris also incorporated pictures of Earl, Dorothy and Brian along with appliqués of a couple packs of Earl’s trademark Winstons.  She did not sew down the flap of the pocket Earl carried his cigarettes in so she could slip a real pack in the pocket.  The back is a nice comfortable plaid.  Since Earl loved his boots, fishing and Brian, I quilted it in Cowboy Boots, Fish and Teardrops.  Gone but always remembered…

Musical Santa Christmas Throw


This throw was made for Sonya Wiley by Lady Bird Quilts.  It was made from a linen tablecloth that belonged to her mother.  Sonya remembers this tablecloth being on their table for many years.  It features Santa Claus singing Christmas carols and playing a variety of traditional musical instruments surrounded by holly.  The Santa squares are stripped together with a traditional Christmas print that Sonya found and it’s backed it with the same material.  The binding is cut from our Tonal Vineyard Hunter Green 108” fabric.  I quilted it in Musical Bells & Candy Canes.  A Christmas tradition preserved!

Stairstep Christmas Quilt


Patsy Willis made this cute Christmas Quilt showcasing the colors of Christmas.  It features a traditional Holly print with squares in an Endless Stairs pattern.  She also pieced the back to compliment the top.  I quilted it in Musical Bells and Candy Canes.  Merry Christmas and Happy Quilting!