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Safari Quilt!


This quilt I made for my grandson Zack Humphrey. It features blocks made of prints depicting some of the magnificent wild animals in the world accented by natural flora. Between the squares the quilt is sashed with a reptile skin print. The backing is our 108” Tilt-A-Whirl Natural and it’s bound in black. I quilted it in “Twine” for him. He loves animals big & small, it’s just the quilt he needed! 🙂

Stars & Interlocking Squares Quilt!


Susan Coe put this amazing quilt together anchored by the large Star & Interlocking Squares block in the center. Very nice work, I love the contrast of the colors! I quilted it for her in “Flights of Fancy” with pink thread. This block was the subject of one of our recent classes.